Changes to ordering celebration cakes online

As of August, we will no longer be selling our celebration cakes to order via the website. We will still be creating our naked cakes for you to purchase online. You will still be able to order our celebration cakes via email but we will have limited availability due to the amount of wedding and bespoke orders we have booked in.
Celebration and bespoke cakes can be ordered via our contact form online.
We are aware that this news will disappoint some of our customers, so we want to be transparent with the reason for our decision. Our celebration cakes take a lot of time and money to create, and with the rise of ingredients costs and overheads our margins are much lower than they used to be. Along with staff shortages we are struggling with time and need to look at the areas that are making the most profit for the company for it to be a success and for us to move the company forward to where we want it to be.
As you all know, we opened our new Pod by our bakery last summer and it has been a massive success. We feel that we haven’t been able to give it the attention that it needs and as a business we need to be aware of areas that make money and areas that do not. The pod is such a fun and exciting place and we want to improve this experience for you with a lot more offerings and exciting events.
We started in-person classes at the start of the year, which have proven to be a great success. By reducing the amount of whole cakes we do our time will be freed up to help expand on these classes and the availability of them. We have also created some online classes that we will be selling so that you can learn remotely as well.
Another area of the business that we are looking into is creating and offering baking tools and supplies for home and commercial bakers & decorators. I feel the cake decorating market is saturated with lots of tools that in reality don’t fulfil our needs. We have lots of ideas but just need the time to research and develop them so we can release them to you all. As you may have seen, we have collaborated with another leading cake supply brand to create our own baking tool, which has already proven to be a great success. We have loved seeing how it has helped so many of you already.
The company is run by myself (Danielle) & my partner Matt. We have lots of plans for the business and feel that these changes are the best way to achieve them and create a more sustainable future for ourselves as well as our business.