Cake Base Plate - Acrylic Clear 5mm Thick Boards

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Size 8"

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Acrylic base boards to help when constructing tiered cakes.

Use these boards as you would a regular board when covering the tiers of your cake.

Why use the Cake Base Plate??

- Perfect 5mm thickness so heavy cakes don’t warp your boards or crack your perfect covering.
- Reusable to save on the cost of throwing regular boards away after a couple of uses.
- Food safe acrylic.
- Clear so you can see any details you have written on your base board of your cake.
- Made from recycled plastic and recyclable.

5mm thick

For 4”/5”/6” cakes we recommend 8” plates.

For 5”/6”/7” cakes we recommend 9” plates.

For 6”/7”/8” cakes we recommend 10” plates.

For 8”/9”/10” cakes we recommend 12” plates.

The base plates are made from recycled food-safe acrylic and can be reused by simply washing them in warm soapy water. The base plate is covered with a protective film, please remove this before use.

This product can be shipped or collected from our bakery.