Ateco Professional Revolving Cake Stand Turntable

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The best turntable you will ever have! An Ateco turntable will last you years! (If looked after).

Why is it so good?

- The smoothest turn of your cake life (no more jolty turns).
- Cast iron base, super sturdy and holds a 3-tier cake with ease
- Comes with a washable non-slip mat.

The top is made from ⅛” (2.85cm) thick Aluminium, 12” (30.48cm) diameter top and 5”(12.7cm) height. Includes 1 non-slip pad.

Handwash only. Do NOT submerge in water as this can cause rust to form between the pivot and base. NOT dishwasher safe.

This product can be shipped or collected from our bakery.